im sorry son…tell your mother… i love h

arry styles


Great Moments In American History: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill congratulate each other for swimming with a topless brunette woman in Miami in February of 2013 while hiding their own shapeless bodies under modest t-shirts


when u dislike a song on an 8tracks but u dont dislike it enough 2 waste a skip on it so u just gotta suffer thru


hiii prittaberry tagged me In the 6 selfies
thing, though I’m not exactly sure what I’m meant to be doing?! I’m going to tag prittaberry back as well as homelesshats orchestraau rimharry any anyone else who wants to do it!!!

I was tagged in the 6 selfies thing by tomlinslaw and I actually dk who to tag lets just say that anyone who sees this and wants to do that tag me in your thing so I can reblog it :)

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okay but now i want tomlinshaw accidental kisspering

like they’re sat next to each other at an award show because of poor planning or something, or maybe nick was included at the 1d table because of harry

and louis goes over to whisper “you’re such a fucking twat”

only nick…

Can’t believe my mums favourite is liam

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